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Sally Keeble

Writing that connects


Here it is - my new novel!

Freeborn Girls - a captivating timeslip story of two strong women

There's more about my new book below. And I hope while you're here you'll take a chance to browse around my website and sign up for my newsletter. If you're part of a reading group or book club, you'll find some discussion sheets on the book club page.

Thanks so much for visiting my website, please keep in touch—I'd love to hear from you. I want my writing to connect with readers' lives, so your feedback matters.

And most of all, happy reading!

Sally Keeble

Freeborn Girls

Separated by history,
linked by a twist of fate

It's London 2019 and Frances Gardiner MP is distracted from affairs of state by affairs of the heart: a new love affair and her ailing mother. 

When trouble erupts on the Cooper, a sink estate in her South London constituency, she misjudges the public mood. Disaster looms.

In 1643 the Cooper was farmland, idyllic home of the Gardiner family. But the Civil War breaks out and in brutal circumstances, feisty Elizabeth Gardiner boards a sailing ship for the perilous voyage to America. 

Will Frances salvage her love affair—or her career? Does Elizabeth survive? And who's the enigmatic American who arrives to intern for Frances that fateful summer?

Former MP Sally Keeble weaves a captivating story of two women in two ferocious times, with one dream. 


She, You, I - Sally's debut novel

She, You, I tells the story of Skye Stanhope's search for the truth about her family over three generations.  

And as Skye strips away the layers of secrecy - in a journey that takes her from Edinburgh, to London, and then a coffee cart beside the sea— she finds emotional scars that never healed. Each woman's story is written in her own voice, unique and authentic.

"A gem of a novel," and "a book of our time" say readers and reviewers. It's a page-turner of a novel about life, love and women finding freedom. 

Available on Amazon and through your local bookshop.

Flora's Choice

A poignant story of love and redemption, the novella takes a deep dive into the emotional life of a woman finding herself after an unhappy marriage.


Flora's story is played out against the kaleidoscope of sounds, sights and social changes of the 1960s, and the novella comes with a special '60s playlist. 

Flora's Choice is available free for everyone who sign's up for Sally's newsletter. Sign up now and get the novella delivered free to your inbox. 


Discover the true-life stories

Click on the pictures below to read more ...

Freeborn Girls is fiction - but there are some real-life stories behind it. Freeborn John was flogged through the streets of London, the Mayflower did set sail from Rotherhithe. And you can still visit the George Inn. Here are some real-life stories of the people and places in the novel. Just scroll through the pictures or follow the 'go to' links.

And here's a fantastic heritage trail that takes in some key places that feature in the book. (About an hour-long walk). You'll also find it on the Heritage Trail on the navigation bar.

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