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"A Catherine Cookson with plenty of upheaval"

There's been high praise for "She, You, I" on the blog tour organised by RandomThingsTours.

Cheryl M_M who blogs here has cited one of the UK's leading women writers, and said the story of Maisie, her daughter and granddaughter reaches a fulfilling conclusion to the women's heartbreak. She writes:

"The author picks apart the generational trauma that simmers quietly underneath and becomes evident in different ways, as the torch is passed through the decades and the changes in the world. How the love between mother and daughter can be both an unbreakable twine that defines their relationship, and simultaneously be a precarious string burdened by guilt, anger and disbelief.

Also the way these emotions and trauma are passed on via the relationships, despite younger generations being unaware of said burden. The experiences of a child with their parent/s define the person they become and how they navigate their own lives, expectations and relationships moving forward."

You can buy the book here on Amazon

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