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Coming soon: She, You, I

Coming soon, “She, You, I” tells of a young woman’s search for the roots of her dysfunctional family.

Skye Stanhope wants answers for why her feisty grandmother Maisie ran away to war and why her brilliant, troubled mother Isla died.

What she uncovers is deep trauma - starting in a tenement flat in pre-war Edinburgh, to a car crash in London’s 2008 financial crisis.

In a sweeping novel that spans almost 100 years, Sally Keeble’s debut novel tells the story of three generations of women affected by the legacy of violence. Each woman’s story is told in a different voice reflecting their growing sense of agency: from put-upon Maisie to zany Isla to empathetic millennial Skye.

Woven through the women’s stories is the enigmatic figure of Tseng Hsiao Ling, a seamstress whose ancestor was lost of the battlefields of northern France and whose fate becomes inextricably linked with theirs.

“She, You, I” covers many of the big issues of our times: the legacy of war and violence, women’s growing economic power and freedoms, progress in LGBTQ and race equality.

It will be available on Amazon.

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