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Sign up for an Easter-read free novella

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Sign up here for "Flora's Choice" - the follow up to my novel "She, You, I" that's won such praise from readers.

A heart-warming tale of love and redemption, it is ideal holiday reading, and will be delivered free of charge to everyone who signs up to my newsletter.

Set against the vibrant background of the 1960s, the novella comes with a special playlist of the music that defined that era. It tells the story of Flora, a woman recovering from years of in an abusive marriage. What she does when her violent husband dies, and the choices she makes when an old admirer comes calling. Whether she can find a life beyond survival, and what happiness might look like.

Those of you who enjoyed "She, You, I" will recognise some of the characters, especially the strange Wee Jimmy. And you'll meet new characters like the feisty Annie Stewart, never without her transistor radio.

"Flora's Choice" is a novella and is available as an e-book. Sign up now - and happy reading - and listening!

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